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Shop Local with Qoin

Over $100,000 worth of Qoin to be Won!

It’s time Melbourne….Let’s Go Shopping !

 It is time, lockdown is finally over. What are we going to do now?….Let’s Go Shopping !

We all know that Local Businesses have been doing it really tough during lockdown. 

But, now is the time we can all do something to help!

“Shop Local with Qoin” is a local community campaign designed to :

  • Help small businesses survive and thrive by giving consumers a reason to shop locally
  • Give consumers a chance to win Big $$ by using Qoin to pay for everyday goods and services

When you Shop Local with Qoin, you go into the draw to win a share in over $100,000 dollars  worth of prizes.

First Prize is $50,000 worth of Qoin.

The more you shop with Qoin, the more chances you have to win.

No of Qoin Merchants at 04/06/21

Current $AUD Qoin Value at 04/06/21

Shop Local with Qoin & Win

Shop Local with Qoin for your chance to win a share in over $100,000 worth of prizes.

There are over 1500 different prizes to be won. 

First prize is $50,000 worth of Qoin.

The more you Shop the more chances you have to Win

1st Prize


worth of Qoin

2nd Prize


worth of Qoin

3rd Prize


worth of Qoin

4th Prize


worth of Qoin

5th Prize


worth of Qoin

Over $100,000 of


to be Won

Over 1500


to be Won

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What is Qoin?

Qoin is Australia’s first Digital Currency that enables you to buy everyday goods and services from businesses in your local area. 

Over 30,000 Businesses

There are already over 30,000 businesses in Australia that accept Qoin as payment for goods and services and thousand’s more are joining every month.

No Transaction Fees

Qoin has zero transaction fees. There are no fees for you or the merchant. 

Secure and Easy to Use

Qoin is secure and really easy to use. No need to carry cash, or cards. Qoin payments are made using your mobile phone.

Potential for Future Growth **

Best of all, Qoin is a digital asset that has the potential to grow over time as more and more businesses become Qoin Merchants and accept Qoin as payment for their Goods and Services. 

So Much More to Qoin

But there is so much more to learn about Qoin. Are you Qurious?

Download the Free Qoin App today, begin your journey with Qoin and be part of this exciting new future. 

Register Your Business to be a Qoin Merchant


Registering your business to be a Qoin Merchant and joining Shop Local with Qoin is quick easy

Step 1: Click the link below & complete the registration form.

Step 2: Once the registration form has been completed you will receive a call to verify your registration, confirm you are familiar with how to use and transact in the Qoin Wallet app, confirm you have backed up your wallet and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Becoming a Qoin Merchant is Quick and Easy, however we will assist you every step of the way.


New Customers

Qoin offers you an additional sales channel for your business through a new customer base. Qoin customers actively seek out Merchants that accept Qoin as payment for goods and services.


Additional Income Stream

Qoin gives you the ability to generate a new income stream which can potentially grow in value. 


Receive Q50 Qoin Sign up Bonus

Once you become a validated Qoin Merchant, you will receive 50 Qoin as a sign on bonus. This has a current value  that you can immediately spend with other Qoin Merchants. 


Networking & Referrals

Qoin Merchants have the opportunity to network and do business with many other like minded business owners. Qoin Merchants often do business with each other and refer customers to each other.


Free Advertising

Qoin Merchants receive Free Advertising on the Qoin Merchant directory and Social Media pages. You can also advertise your business for free on the many Qoin related Facebook groups.


Zero Cost to Join

There is no cost to become a Qoin Merchant. There are no set up fees and no expensive hardware or software to buy. All you need is a mobile phone.


Zero Ongoing Fees

There are no monthly fees and no transaction fees. You will potentially save thousands on transaction fees by accepting Qoin as payment for your goods and services.


Potential Future Growth

Qoin Merchants have the opportunity  to Buy Qoin with exclusive merchant offers or earn Qoin by selling your goods and services to customers. As Qoin is a digital asset, it has the potential for future growth**

Do you Run a Sporting Club?

We have a number of Sponsorships available to help local Sporting Clubs who are doing it a little tough due to Covid-19.

If you run a registered local sporting club that has it’s own ABN and is willing to accept Qoin as a donation or sponsorship, then we would like to speak to you.

There are many ways that you can use Qoin as a great fundraiser or to conserve cash by offsetting your clubs everyday expenses.